2018 Mission Conference 宣教大會

  • Dear Brothers and Sisters, Mission Conference will take place on Nov 2-4 with various opportunities to meet with our speaker as well as missionaries in person to learn about their ministries, evangelism techniques and areas that need our support. In order to help us manage these activities, please let us know your attendance in advance by signing up the ones you are planning to participate below. And if you have any questions, please contact Ada, Shirley or Sam. We look forward to your coming!
  • 親愛的兄弟和姐妹,宣教大會將於11月2日至4日舉行,屆時有各種機會讓我們與講員和傳教士親自會面,了解他們的事工,傳福音技巧和需要我們支持的領域。為了幫助我們管理活動,請在下方註冊您計劃參加的活動,提前告知我們您的出勤情況。如果您有任何疑問,請聯繫Ada,Shirley或Sam。我們期待您的參與!
  • English: Sam & Amy's house | 国语组:学忙和仕华家 | 廣東組:Simon & Janet's house | 西区:RCCC-W


2018 Mission Conference Poster