RCCC Fellowship Groups have been established to bring together brothers and sisters in similar walks of life, common language, and/or like interests. Each group provides its members with the opportunity to experience close fellowship with a small, intimate group through worship, sharing, prayer, and Bible study.

Although each group is geared toward a particular demographic, all groups invite and welcome participation from anyone who is interested. If you are interested in visiting or joining an RCCC Fellowship group, or for more information, please contact RCCC.

Group Description Language Frequency
Evergreen Seniors Mandarin Monthly
Mandarin Mandarin-speaking, all ages Mandarin Monthly
Orange Cantonese-speaking, all ages Cantonese Monthly
Pear Couples and families English Monthly
Grapes Singles and couples English Weekly
College Students and scholars
Cantonese, English,
Youth 7th through 12th graders English Weekly

Click here for more fellowship activities of RCCCW that may not be listed above.